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Recent Projects

Balgowlah Cottage


Interior decoration and photography


Sydney, Australia



Our clients had just purchased their first home and asked us to help them with the design of their living space. They wanted to make it feel special as it was the first time they were to live together as a couple! 

They gave us a blank canvas to play with and we designed a concept for their space that could be described as minimalist coastal with a touch of boho. The colour palette is mostly soft neutral tones, together with peach and black accents to add contrast and interest. We chose natural materials to create a relaxing vibe, went for large rugs to hide the floor tiles and floor to ceiling linen sheer curtains to add additional softness and privacy. 

Before Photos

I came across Ama Studios Instagram account mid last year when my partner and I were looking for some styling inspiration for our new home in North Balgowlah on Sydney's Northern Beaches. I loved her natural tones and simple but elegant style so I started following and we quickly started on our living room and dining interior designer experience. 


From greeting us at our new home with a bottle of champagne (So thoughtful, must be the french in you ;) ) to making sure we looked at every option before finding the right piece we truly appreciated all of your help. 


I've recommended Agathe to all my friends. Thank you so much again.

- Emma


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