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Do you need a rug in your bedroom?

When I ask my clients what they want to see in their bedroom, they generally mention a bed, bedside tables, lamps, sometimes a desk or a chair but rarely a rug. So, is there a point in having a rug your bedroom?

Photography: Ama Studio

The answer is YES. You may have carpet in your bedroom and think this doesn’t apply to do but I would still highly suggest adding a rug under your bed!

A rug will ground the space and will add an extra layer of texture and coziness. Bedrooms are low traffic area so it’s the perfect place to indulge in a beautiful soft wool rug. This will be a lot more comfortable to walk on bare foot when you get out of bed each morning (if you’re sleeping with socks, I don’t judge you, but still add a rug).

There is no right or wrong in terms of rug size and placement as this will really depend on your room but ideally, I like to have between 1/3 and 2/3 or the rug under the bed.

Designer tip: make sure the rug won’t block your door, the gap under the door is often not high enough to allow for a thick rug, in that case you need to either place the rug away from the door opening, go for a smaller/thiner rug or cut your door so it sits above the rug.

In case you need extra convincing, here are a few examples of bedrooms that would not look as good without a rug.

Photography: Don Freeman Photo, Sandra Weingort / Sarah Sherman Samuel

Photography: Kerrie Ann Jones, Alicia Taylor Photography / Sarah Sherman Samuel

Photography: Pinterest / AMA Studio Interiors

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