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5 things I love about the 70's

The 70’s have definitely made a comeback in both fashion and interiors. While not everything was to love about this design era, there are a few things that I absolutely love. In this blog post, I am sharing the 5 elements of this period that inspire me the most.

Photography Credit: Night Palm, Frank Frances

1. The use of patterns

Think geometric wallpapers and checkered rugs. While this is something I love, I believe it should be used a more minimalist way than what we could see in the 70s.

Photography Credits: Studio Robert McKinley, Read McKendree / Lulu and Georgia

2. The abundance of curves and bold shapes

It's no secret I have a thing for curves. Round furniture help balance and add a lot of softness to our interiors that are usually very rectangular. Curves can even be integrated in the structure of a home through arches or curved walls.

Photography Credit: Santa Monica Proper Hotels, design by Kelly Wearstler

3. The warm colour palettes with a dominance of browns and earthy tones

There was a big trend in the 70s to bring the nature indoor. The need for a stronger connection to nature has come back stronger than ever and we are loving the earthy colour palettes, timber panelling

Photography Credit: Studio McKinley

4. The choice of comforting materials such as velvet and rattan in furniture

Photography Credit: The Design Files

5. Low furniture

A low coffee table will instantly bring a relaxed feel to your living room. And nothing looks more inviting than a sunken sofa!

Photography Credit: Sarah Ellison Studio

There is something warm and comforting about the 70’s. Just stay away from the bright orange and brown wallpapers that were popular in the 70's and use these trends in a more minimalist and refined way so it doesn't look outdated.

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