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6 Trends that caught my eyes at the 2024 Milan Design Week

This year, I’ve been lucky to attend the largest design fair in the world: the Milan Design Week and its Salone del Mobile. The Milan Design Week is truly a one of a kind experience, the whole city lives and breathes design for a whole week with countless exhibits showcasing inspiring designers from around the globe.

Milan is where most of the trends emerge in the world of design so I wanted to share the top trends that caught my eye as I strolled through the exhibits and installations at this year's event:

1. Rounded shapes are not going anywhere

Arches and curved walls were omnipresent in architectural elements, while pebble shapes appeared to be a favourite for furniture pieces and mirrors.  Curved sofas were also a designer favourite this year and for the right space, I'm totally in (as long as it's comfortable!), a curved sofa is the perfect way to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to a living room.

2. Walls are no longer just flat surfaces, they are now textured

Designers are experimenting with various materials and techniques to create visually engaging and tactile wall treatments. From rough plaster finishes to intricate wooden patterns, textured walls add depth and character to any space. Think micro-cement, Venetian plaster, raffia… This is definitely one of my favourite trends!   

3. Shades of red stole the spotlight

Ranging from warm, earthy terracotta tones to moody burgundy hues and soft, dusty pinks, red was the colour of the 2024 Milan Design Week.

4. Bouclé Fabric

I thought we may had seen too much Bouclé fabric in the past few years and it might be on its way out but I was pleasantly surprised to see it’s still a designers’ favourite. Loved for its softness, texture, and elegance, bouclé adds a touch of luxury and coziness to furniture and upholstery!


5. Japanese Influence

We saw a lot of Japanese designers this year, as well as many European designers that were inspired by the traditional Japanese craftmanship. Natural materials, such as wood and washi paper, are celebrated for their simplicity and organic beauty, creating timeless interiors that feel calm and deeply connected to nature.


6. Marble Resurgence

While it is rattan that we used to see absolutely everywhere a couple years ago (and was pretty much absent this year), marble is reclaiming its status as the ultimate luxury material. Whether in the form of beautiful raw Travertine or with dramatic veining, marble is not only making a comeback in kitchens but is also adding a touch of sophistication to furniture, lighting, and accessories. I’m always amazed to see what nature can do!

Seeing the latest design trends and discovering new designers prove to be incredibly refreshing and inspiring, and I hope you enjoyed getting a glimpse of this years’ design week with me. Embrace trends that resonate with your style, but always trust your instincts and create spaces that reflect your unique personality and feel authentic to you!

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