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Design Destination: Morocco

I am a huge travel addict and take a lot of inspiration from my travels around the world. Today I’m taking you to one of my favourite design destinations: Morocco!

Photography: Shutter Stock

My designs are highly inspired by the Moroccan vibe. Here are the things that inspire me the most, from Marrakech souks to the Atlas Mountains.

1. Stunning riads in Marrakech

Marrakech is home to the most beautiful boutique hotels I have ever seen. With their lush patios, rooftop terraces and stunning decoration, riads are real oasis in the middle of this busy city.

Photography: Yasmine Riad

2. Handwoven wool rugs from the Atlas Mountains

I definitely have a thing for Moroccan rugs. I love the comfiness of the thick wool, the warmth of the colours and the imperfections in the patterns. They instantly bring texture and coziness to a space.

There are many stores where you can buy beautiful Moroccan rugs across Canada but you can also purchase them directly from Moroccan suppliers on Etsy.

Here are a few projects where I used traditional Moroccan rugs:

Photography: Ama Studio

3. Handmade ceramics and Zellige tiles

Pottery is a tradition that has been passed from generation to generation in Morocco and it is present everywhere.

In interior design, I am a huge fan of Zellige tiles. The fact that they are handmade gives them a beautiful texture that I absolutely love. Their imperfections add a lot of warmth to a kitchen or bathroom, which can otherwise feel quite sterile.

Photography: Ama Studio

For tableware, LRNCE is an amazing brand based in Morocco. They produce beautiful vases, jugs and plates that add a nice touch of colour to your dinner table. They also have beautiful and unique artworks.

Photography: LRNCE

4. Raffia lampshades

Lots of products made from raffia come from Morocco. They do beautiful baskets and lampshades that add a natural touch to an interior.

Honoré Décoration is one of my favourite brands and all their products are made in Morocco, including these stunning pendants and wall lights.

Photography: Honoré Décoration

I hope you've enjoyed this brief overview of what Morocco has to offer for design lovers!

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