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Design Destination: Mexico

Mexico is an incredible design destination with a strong culture and identity. I am always on the look for inspiration when I travel and I absolutely love discovering new artisans from around the world. I just came back from a trip to the Yucatan peninsula and I am sharing in this blog post some of the things that I found particularly inspiring!

1. The architecture

Mexican architecture is a blend of indigenous and Spanish colonial styles, it is full of arches and textures, which is everything I love!

Street of Valladolid, Tulum Jungle Rooftop Restaurant, Coba Coqui Coqui Hotel

2. Textured walls

One of the most striking things about Mexican interiors (and exteriors) is the use of textured walls. Many buildings feature walls made of textured stucco, plaster, micro cement, lime paint or exposed stones. You don't actually see a lot of plain white drywalls which is very refreshing. Even ceilings can be super interesting, like this gorgeous ceiling made from handwoven palm leaves.

Terreo Studio

3. Beautiful furniture stores in Tulum

Tulum is home to many talented artists and artisans. From rustic wooden tables to woven lights, there is no shortage of beautiful pieces to be found in Tulum. I am always excited to discover new artisans and I am looking forward to working with some of them on future projects!

Some of my favourite stores in Tulum

4. Cotton wall hangings

As much as I love photographic prints and paintings, I'm always looking for other types of wall decors and fell in love with the fabric wall hangings Mexican artisans make.

5. Handmade pottery

You cannot leave Mexico without indulging in some beautiful handmade pottery. Every town is home to skilled artisans that make beautiful vases, mugs, candle holders and more. I love the imperfections of handmade ceramics, it really gives them an authentic, organic feel.

Here are some of the things I brought from my recent trip, unfortunately I couldn't fit more in my suitcase this time but I have built some connections with some of these artisans and will definitely work with them in the future! And yes, I bought a smoking pipe. I needed a candle holder that would fit these small taper candles and thought this ceramic pipe would be perfect!

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