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DIY Upholstered Headboard

I got many requests on Instagram to make a tutorial for the headboard I built for one of my clients' toddler bedroom so I finally took the time to write a blog post about this DIY! There's no sewing required so it's relatively easy to make.

1. Cut the board to size

The first step was to cut the 3 arches for this headboard from a piece of MDF using a jigsaw. We used an MDF board that was 3/4'' thick to make sure it's sturdy and won't bend over time.

The headboard is made from 3 separate pieces that are not attached to each other at this stage.

2. Add foam

The second step was to add foam on the boards to make it more comfy. We used 1'' thick foam as the room was relatively small and I didn't want the bed to take any more floor space.

I cut the foam to the same shape as the MDF using a utility knife. As the foam was only 1'' thick, I could have used scissors instead which would have been a little less messy!

We then glued the foam to the boards using adhesive spray.

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3. Wrap the headboard in Dacron batting

This is a very important step for a nice finish. It will soften the edges (and hide any cutting imperfections) and will hold your fabric for a professional flat look without any crease. Simply use a heavy duty stapler to attach it to the back of the boards.

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4. It's time to add your fabric

The headboard was now ready for the gorgeous green velvet fabric we had chosen for this kid bedroom. Same process as with the dacron batting, I just stappled the fabric on the back of the headboard. Just make sure it's tight enough so it doesn't crease.

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5. Your headboard is ready to be installed!

There's a few different ways the headboard can be installed. You could simply have it lay on the floor and the bed frame will hold it in place (this is what I did in our previous bedroom as it was a rental). You could mount it to the wall with heavy duty mounting tape. In this bedroom, we couldn't have it lay on the floor because we wanted it to come above the baseboards and we didnt want to attach it to the wall not to damage the beautiful wallpaper in case my clients decided to move the bed at some stage so we decided to screw it to the frame of the bed instead.

Et voila!

I hope you feel confident replicating this DIY at home! 😊

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