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We bought a house!

My husband and I just bought a house and although it needs a lot of TLC, I am beyond excited to make it our own. It's a 3-bedroom cottage with a pool (or what used to be a pool!). We just got the keys last week and the renovation has already started.

Working on our own renovation is particularly exciting as I get the opportunity to experiment new things and be more adventurous with my design choices than when designing for clients. We will be doing some of the renovation ourselves so this is a project that should keep my weekends fairly busy for the foreseeable future!

Here's a little tour of the house and some of the plans I have for it.

The Kitchen

There's obviously not much to keep here but although I don't cook much, I love the size of our new kitchen. It's big enough for a decent size island and will get a full makeover with oak cabinets and subtle cream marble counters.

Here's a sneak peak into what this space will look like in a couple of months:

The Living/Dining Area

This space will get a full facelift with a built-in banquette, a comfy modular couch and hopefully a wood burning fireplace (there is no fireplace at the moment so we will need to get a permit for this). It doesn't look very exciting yet but it will soon feel warm and cozy I promise!

The Bathrooms

Again, some pretty outdated spaces that will get completely renovated!

The Pool!

If you thought the house needed a lot of work, have a look at our backyard...and the 'pool'! 😅 I'm hopeful we'll have a fully functional pool in time for next summer!

My Moodboard

I want our home to feel warm, cozy and calming. Here are some inspiration images that reflect the overall vibe I want to achieve. Can you picture it all coming together or not yet?

Stay tuned for some progress shots in the next few weeks!

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